Contract Vehicles

Working with FBC is easy!  FBC provides multiple approved options for all U.S. Government Agencies, Department of Defense or the Intelligence Community to easily contract with FBC for event support.

No-Cost GSA Contract:  Our GSA Schedule contract (47QRAA20D0014) features an innovative “no-cost” provision for government agencies, allowing us to provide our services free of charge. This is approved for all federal agencies.  Please see GAO 561920 No-Cost Contracting Guidance for Federal Agencies at the link below.

Fee-For-Service GSA Contract:  FBC offers complete GSA pre-negotiated pricing for government meeting planning and related tasks, secure government attendee registration websites and web-based marketing services.  Please see FBC’s GSA Contract at the link below.

Memorandum of Understanding.  FBC frequently works with government clients based on a Memorandum of Understanding.  An FBC Event Manager will learn more about your event vision, then develop an MOU to outline expectations, roles & responsibilities, and the selected contracting method. This will suffice for most event types and can be executed quickly.

Other Contract Vehicles:

  • NSA Conference Planning Services Blanket Purchase Agreement - FBC provides services to NSA via BPA for Conference Planning Services.


An FBC Event Manager will meet with you to discuss your event and help determine the best contracting model for your organization. Simply fill out the ‘plan your event’ link or send an email to to see how we can help with your next event!