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Marketing Services Package (MSP)

Federal Business Council, Inc. (FBC) will provide Marketing Services for companies (Participant) wishing to promote products and services to Federal Agencies, Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community and State/Local Agencies via the Marketing Services Package (MSP). The MSP will vary based upon location and the type of event. The services may include advice and consultation, printing, advertising, logistics, supplies, promotion, subcontracting services, virtual capabilities and others as needed to make the event successful and enhance attendance and industry participation. When exhibit space is included in the event, such as on-site events taking place at specific DoD locations, the physical space at the location is provided at no charge under the MSP. Fees paid to FBC under the Marketing Services Package are for support services in general, and are not for exhibit space at in-person events. 


FBC offers varying sponsorship opportunities at events to help provide brand awareness for companies (Participant) leading up to, during and after an event. Sponsorship offerings will fluctuate per event and custom packages can be created. Some sponsorships include an MSP and others are item specific (i.e. a logo placed on the conference notebook). 

TBA Date Agreement & Notification Policy

When an event is marked “TBA” at the time of registration, this means that the exact date is not yet confirmed.  You may still register for these events to ensure your participation.  Once the exact date is determined, an email notification will be sent asking you to confirm your participation.  At that time, you may confirm (to stay registered) or cancel your registration.  Once accepting registration, all other terms of this agreement apply.  If you choose to cancel your registration, your organization will be removed from the event.  If you have already paid for participation, you may elect to receive a refund upon cancellation or apply funds to another event.  Once accepting registration, all other payment terms of this agreement apply. All other terms below apply once the new date has been accepted.

Marketing Services Package (MSP)/Sponsorship Agreement (Updated August 1, 2020)

The Participant when making an application to participate, accepts and agrees to comply with the conditions of this contract and agrees that this contract is binding on all parties and can be amended only in writing.

All contracted fees, including MSP and sponsorship fees, are due and payable at the time of registration. By registering, the Participant is committing to their involvement in the event. It is agreed that once an MSP or sponsorship is contracted, reserved and allocated on behalf of the Participant, it is taken out of inventory by FBC, which will effectively prevent future selling of the allocated inventory. Participant further acknowledges and agrees that cancellation, regardless of the reason, will be subject to the pro-rated refund schedule* described within this agreement.

*Participant understands and agrees that a variety of lead-up marketing services will be provided by FBC on behalf of Participant in exchange for fees covered by the MSP. These activities may include pre-event marketing design, government agency promotion, email promotion, direct mail, event strategies & advisory services related to the event, web services, logo placement, positioning of participant with government sponsors and partners, access to event related marketing tools, apps, websites, and other activities designed to enhance the participants visibility and marketability to the selected audience. The full purchase price will be credited for cancellations submitted 120 days prior to the event start date. For the period 119 days through 45 days prior to the event date, 50% of all registration fees paid or contracted for by Participant will be considered earned by FBC, regardless of the reason for cancellation. For the period of 44 days through 15 days prior to the event, 70% of all registration fees paid or contracted for by Participant will be considered earned by FBC. For the period of 14 days until the event day, all registration fees paid or contracted for by Participant will be considered earned in full by FBC.

If the government or FBC cancels or postpones an event for which the Participant is registered, Participant shall be credited any eligible fees to the rescheduled event or other future FBC event. If FBC or the Sponsoring agency decides to move an in-person event to a virtual/digital platform for public health reasons (including COVID-19 concerns), government regulations or other restrictions, FBC will transfer the registration to the replacement virtual event at no additional cost to the Participant.


Marketing Services Package (MSP) Terms

  1. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. Any applicable credits will be applied based on the MSP agreement stated above.
  2. Any credit balances on account from past events may be applied to any outstanding current invoices at FBC’s discretion without written authorization from Participant. Credit balances will be assessed an account maintenance fee of 50% per year for any unused balances. Credit balances may be applied to future MSP’s as selected by the participant, in writing, to FBC. Any credit balance must be used within two years. Participant waives all future claims to credits after this period has expired.
  3. If credit card information is provided as payment, it will be processed upon receipt of the reservation.
  4. Specific advertising and promotions are at the discretion of FBC.
  5. The Participant, when making application to participate, accepts and agrees to comply with the conditions of this contract governing the conduct of and participation in the event(s) contracted. Participant further agrees that this contract is binding on all parties and can be amended only in writing by both parties hereto.
  6. FBC does not approve, endorse or recommend the use of any specific commercial product or services. The Participant may not, therefore, imply either verbally or in printed literature, that his/her products or services are approved, endorsed, or recommended by FBC by virtue of this contract.
  7. FBC will not be liable for fulfillment of this contract due to any of the following causes: by reason of the venue being destroyed by fire, acts of God, strikes, the authority of the law, or for any other causes beyond FBC control.
  8. If FBC agrees to accept a Purchase Order, payment must be received within 30 days of the reservation. Reservations will not be held if payment is not made within 30 days. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not transferable.
  9. Participant will be liable for ANY collection expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and credit card fees associated with charge backs. Participant also forfeits any discounts and/or credits associated with a show(s) when an account is sent to Collections
  10. FBC reserves the right to cancel or change the date of any component of the MSP at any time.
  11. FBC reserves the right to determine availability of attendee information. Some government locations are extremely secure, and government groups may specifically disallow collection of attendee identification information. Therefore, not all shows will have attendee information available.
  12. FBC reserves the right to rescind all or part of any discounts extended to Participant if Participant cancels any components of the MSP referred to in this contract or accompanying documentation. FBC also reserves the right to back-bill any fees/costs should the above circumstances occur.
  13. FBC has the right to determine the eligibility of any company for inclusion in an MSP based on event or host requirements.

Additional In-Person/Hybrid Event Terms

  1. Participants who fail to comply with the security requirements may be denied access to the selected site by the hosting agency and/or FBC. FBC will not be responsible and will not provide refunds or credits to Participants who are denied admission to the event site due to failure to comply with these security instructions.
  2. Participant agrees to hold FBC harmless, and to reimburse the same for any judgments, settlements, costs or other expenses (including legal fees) to which it may be subject, for any injury, damage, loss, or harm resulting or occurring to anyone (including, but not limited to, visitors) which may result directly or indirectly from or in connection with any FBC MSP by the Participant, its employees or representatives.
  3. Inclement Weather. FBC will hold all MSP activities as scheduled during times of inclement weather, unless the Federal Government is closed. FBC will not honor requests for refunds, credits, etc. for companies who choose not to participate.
  4. The Participant agrees not to assign or sublet any portion of the space, nor permit individuals other than employees and/or their representatives to use the facilities provided. Participant further agrees not to display products or literature that are not regularly sold or distributed to him/her, except as may be necessary to illustrate the applications of his/her product.
  5. Participant agrees not to accept any form of funds (credit card, checks, cash or other funds) while participating in MSP activities.
  6. Demonstrations and Interviews. All activities during delivery of the MSP must be conducted in such a way as not to infringe on the rights of other Participants or offend visitors. Interviews, discussions or other business conversation must be confined to the Participant's area only. Independent ‘hospitality suites’ or other activities which are not an official function of the event or official agenda are prohibited and will not be supported nor promoted.
  7. The Participant agrees to comply with local fire and safety regulations and furnish any permits required by local authorities.
  8. Neither FBC nor the Federal Government assumes responsibility or liability for any theft, damage or loss by any cause of property to the Participant, his/her agents, or employees, nor for any injury that may occur to Participant, his her agents or employees.
  9. Participant agrees to setup / break down any exhibits, posters or other materials used during the MSP within designated times for each event. Distribution of souvenirs and samples of products is permitted provided there is not interference with other Participants.
  10. FBC reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, and at any time, any individual or material which in its opinion is objectionable to Participants or others. No liabilities or damages whatsoever against FBC or any of their representatives, agents, or members shall be incurred because of such rejections.
  11. FBC is not responsible or financially liable for the coordination of any shipped materials to or from an event site. This includes contacting shipping companies, cost of lost items, and packaging of materials. The shipment, packaging, and tracking of materials are the responsibility of the participating Participant.
  12. FBC retains the exclusive right to revise the exhibition hall floor plan and/or move assigned Participants as necessary.

Additional Virtual Event Terms

  1. Participant represents that: (a) its use of the FBC Virtual Platform, including the transfer of documents, videos, images and any other data (“Participant Information”) to FBC for inclusion of a virtual MSP, will not contravene any rule, law or regulation, and (b) it will not knowingly and intentionally transmit, introduce or allow to be introduced, either through it, or any third party, any malicious code, virus, or similar contaminating/destructive feature.
  2. Participant acknowledges that FBC will not be reviewing for legality any Participant Information, but will merely be providing and enabling the transmission of Participant Information. Participant further warrants that FBC may remove or reject any data it deems to be libelous, offensive or otherwise objectionable.
  3. Participant acknowledges that FBC shall have no obligation to store data or recordings for an Event beyond any time period specifically set forth and that FBC shall have every right, but no obligation, to erase and otherwise destroy all data after the end of the Event’s on-demand term.
  4. FBC or any suppliers provided in connection with this Agreement are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” without any representation or warranty of any kind, and Participant’s use of the Platform/Services is at Participant’s own risk. FBC nor any of its suppliers warrant that the Services will be provided error-free or uninterrupted. FBC shall have no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any Participant Information.
  5. FBC cannot guarantee that a Participant, in using the FBC Platform/Services, will obtain the results that the Participant intends nor that the services will be fitting for the business purposes and requirements of Participant.
  6. Except for the indemnification obligations, disclosure of Confidential Information, and infringement by Participant of technology and intellectual property rights of FBC, neither party shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages or damages arising from lost data, interrupted communications, lost revenue, lost profits, lost technology, loss of rights or costs of procuring substitute services or any other substitution or solution, however arising, even if the party against which the claim is made has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  7. FBC retains the exclusive right to revise the agenda or virtual exhibition hall as necessary.
  8. Any matters not specifically covered by the preceding terms shall be subject solely to the decision of FBC.

Additional Sponsorship Terms (these are in addition to the MSP terms)

  1. Sponsorships with imprinted materials are nonrefundable once the product has been ordered.
  2. All Sponsor fees are due and payable in advance. FBC will only invoice for Sponsor contracts that are received more than 90 days from the event date. Otherwise, the company must pay for the fees of the Sponsor by credit card. 
  3. FBC will coordinate all of the administrative, catering, purchasing of materials and other details dealing with the contracted Sponsor item. Sponsor agrees to coordinate any activities, including but not limited to, social events, special seminars, hospitality suites, etc. relating to the event, its participants or any personnel connected with the event, exclusively with FBC.  FBC works under agreements with both the hosting agency and the hotel/site. In order to facilitate the event in the best manner and avoid scheduling conflicts, FBC has been directed to coordinate all social functions and receptions that are held on site at the host venue/hotel involving attendees from the particular conference. Therefore any planned social involving industry and conference attendees must be agreed upon and coordinated with FBC. Please speak directly with FBC for further direction and guidance on this area. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in exclusion from the event.


Non-Solicitation Policy for Events

FBC is committed to maintaining and event environment that is free from distractions and respects the intent and objectives of the event itself, especially those of the registered participants. FBC maintains an ongoing non-solicitation policy covering all of our events, meetings and industry expositions. Unauthorized parties are prohibited from soliciting exhibitors, attendees, sponsors or any other registered participant, for any reason without advance written authorization by FBC. Unauthorized activities include (and are strictly prohibited) third-party receptions and off-site events, hospitality suites, unauthorized exhibits, unauthorized posters or advertising, unauthorized publication distribution, unauthorized press or media interviews, unauthorized recruiting activities (membership or employment), unauthorized literature distribution of any kind, unauthorized promotion of any non-FBC event. Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the event. Refunds will not be provided.

Exhibitors engaging in third-party solicitation as described above in violation of this policy agree to pay FBC the equivalent fee stated in the event's published rates for exhibit space and/or sponsorships and may be expelled from the event. Refunds will not be provided.

Egregious and/or multiple violations of this policy may result in disqualifications from future events at the discretion of FBC.


Contact Address / Notices:
Controller, FBC
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FAX 301-206-2950
Phone 800-878-2940

Thank you for working with FBC for your Marketing Services Package.